Some MKV Files will not play!


I have the WD LIVE HUB: 

I am receiving the error message "Unable to play the selected file, please consult user guide etc… For MKV files  

Before sending me a link to the previous posts on remuxing please be informed I’ve read them.  I have OSX Snow Leopard and I’ve downloaded MKVTOOLNIX and remuxed - selecting each track and choosing the “NONE” option under the Compression setting.  I’ve also downloaded the MKV TOOLS program and tried their remuxing option  - no dice. 

Here is some info I can tell you about the files that WILL and WON’T play (all MKV) :

In the file view mode where you can see info such as “Audio Codec” and “Bitrate”  files that WILL play will show info like “Video Codec: H264, Audio Codec: AAC, Bitrate 1.7Mbps”  the ones that don’t work will show  “Video Codec: UNKNOWN.  Audio Codec: UNKNOWN . Bitrate: 0”  

However the MKV files work fine on my computer using VLC player.

Any advice?

Download a app called media info and paste all the file info in here from a file that does not work.

And if a Computer is unsure what the file type is, are you surprised the Hub can’t play it, a PC and software are much more forgiving.

You also seem to think you have muxed and demuxed…this means nothing, muxing and demuxing is not encoding, so you could mux and demux all day, all you are doing is splitting and then combining the same audio and video. I think you will need to recode these files, which takes a lot longer, but if they are your files you know what they are anyway?

You need to post more info about the file.  Download mediainfo from here:, then open a mkv that want play with mediainfo.

When it opens the file, change the view to text, then copy and paste that info here.

Ive had “Dodgy” Mkv’s with…

“Video Codec: UNKNOWN.  Audio Codec: UNKNOWN . Bitrate: 0” 

Tried everything to avoid re-encoding … but after numerous attempts, i had to re-encode the file with Handbrake to get it to play.

P.S.  Yes, the file played Fine on the PC … gotta love PC’s, will play just about anything you throw at it.

To Quote TonyPh12345

C) This file works on my PC, so I *KNOW* the file is OK.

No, you only know that the file is OK to play on your PC.   PCs have a VAST number of codecs and software available to them.  They have tremendous amounts of memory available to buffer the streams, often a direct path to storage devices, as well as processors that have considerably more capability than a standalone device.  So, just because it plays on your PC does not guarantee that the file should work on the WDTV.  As the WDTV is entirely hardware and firmware based, it will not have the capabilities of playing the same media that PCs are able to play.

ok, i have been luriking for months now, and many posts seem to to assure me one thing, WD hub can not play virtually any file, and that many of my 1000 or movie files that  I collect ( hoard) will not play well on the wd hub, especially x264, mp4…many play for a second and stop, many shudder during play back, many have come from a site in sweden that rhymes with  irate pay.   and yes they all play well on a PC with VLC.  they also play great off the usb drive of my 50 dollar pioneer dvd tell me, what contaIner/codec combos should I be using or looking for, and  what is the best workflow to start to convert reencode

Actually, the HUB will play mkvs fine.  The only problem right now is that it can’t read the new Handbrake writing library.  You can’t not compair the HUB with VLC on a PC because VLC is designed to play broken and badly encoded files.

There are 2 things you can do.  One, and mostly, don’t download files, as YOU did not encode them you can not be sure that they have been encoded correctly.

And 2, for mkv’s, you can try to run them through mkvtoolnix.  If it’s just the writting library (stopping a few seconds into playing is a symptom of that), then running them through mkvtoolnix (mkvmerge) will change the writting library and the file should play.

If it’s an encoding issue, then there is really nothing that can be done.