Some missing iso's on netgear stora

hi all,

i am a wd tv newb so apologies for any silly questions but i don’t really know what to ask. Any way here is my problem:

I have the latest wdtv live with up to date firmware and also a Netgear Stora (also with up to date Firmware) with 2x 1.5Tb drives contasining DVD ISO’s and avi files all in one directory. The ISO’s were created with DVD Cloner V8 and the Avi’s are from various sources.

The problem, is that when I direct the WDTV to this directory it only displays about 34 of 87 files !!!

Any ideas?

fogot to mention that it is using wired ethernet

Are you accessing the Stora via “Network Share” or “Media Server?”

If the latter, that’s the reason…ISOs cannot be served via DLNA.

 via network share.

the weird thisng is that all isos and avi’s are in one directory and the wdtv only show some of the files i.e. some of the isos and some of the avi’s there doesnt seem to be any pattern to it

Are you using the Media Library?
If so, have you remembered to set the Content Source to “My Media Library?”

Finally, have you tried CLEARING the Media Library and letting it re-build?

yes i am using media library and yes the content source is set to that.

I will try deleting and rebuilding tonight and report back tomorrow.

just one question… what files do i delete?



You don’t need to delete anything.   Clearing the media library is done via the menu on the SMP.