Some information to buy.. Thanks

_ Hello guys! _

_ I’m so intersted to buy new WD TV LIVE HUB. _

_ But, before to do it, I want some informations. _

1) Have you ever had problems with WD TV LIVE HUB?

2) I’ve seen that has an internal HDD. Bears heavily on the internal temperature?

3) How do I transfer films and other files on the internal HDD? Can I with a simple USB connection? (Example: can I transfer  .mkv files from a pc or from external HDD to the internal HDD with a USB connection?)

4) I saw that Live Hub has a very neat feature, which is to create a library on demand. Create lists of movies with cover art, info, description, plot and so on.
I wonder: Can I create and see it without an Internet connection? Because **** where I put the wd not have internet.

5) WD TV LIVE HUB read everyone external HD with usb connection (NOT WesterDigital) ?

Thanks guys! :wink:

Some answers to your question.

  1. There are some problems with the hub but you can find the solution here in the forum. One particular problem that I’ve encounter is detailed in this thread: In page 7 of that thread, I’ve posted a long term remedy to that problem.

  2. Internal temperature of the hard drive is not a problem. One of the feature of the hub’s internal drive which is a WD Scorpio doesn’t heat up too much.

  3. You can transfer files through USB connection (the hub has two) using a flash drive or external hard drive and you can also transfer files from PC to hub through network via wired or wireless connection.

  4. In the hub’s media library you can add cover art and description to every video file. If your video is a movie, the hub can get those for you through internet connection. But if it is a TV show or other videos, you can add it yourself.

  5. I’ve been using a not Western Digital external hard drive in my hub with no problem so I suppose its compatible with any brand of external drive.