Some information on white led

The led is set to white blinking when running fsck on a disk. When the fsck is done the led is solid white. The led turns blue as the final script in /etc/rc2.d.

These are the scripts that will run. S16ssh starts ssh. So ssh should be available early in the boot process. These processes are run based on the number starting with the lowest number. Not sure why the led is solid white with no ssh access.

README S16ssh S20samba S75sudo S90lltd
S01motd S17monitorTemperature S20sysstat S84itunes S91nspt
S01wdAppEntry S18monitorio S20vsftpd S85twonky S92wdnotifierd
S03atop S20minidlna S20winbind S85wdmcserverd S95wdAutoMount
S04apache2 S20nfs-common S50netatalk S86commgrd S96onbrdnetloccommd
S16ntpdate S20nfs-kernel-server S60mDNSResponder S86wdphotodbmergerd S98user-start
S16openvpn S20restsdk-serverd S61upnp_nas S89cron S99wdAppFinalize

I also found these comments in the halt script which shuts down the My Cloud. I don’t know what vft mode is. But it looks like the My Cloud could have the led set to solid white and be turned off waiting for a wake on lan. Hopefully this is not happening.

#Make it possible to not shut down network interfaces,
# needed to use wake-on-lan
if [ -f /dev/shm/vft_mode ];
log_action_msg "vft_mode detected, setting LED white… " LED_EV_VFT_HALT LED_STAT_OK

Just some miscellaneous information.

PS the white light is also set for fresh install and a master install. What is a master install?

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Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Assist with what? This was not a problem. It was information about the led colors.