Some HELP Please

Hello everybody!

I have a wd1200js-00MHBO which overvoltaged…:cry:

I have some important data inside (not so important to pay for that).

I’m searching several days if there is something to try but… nothing. Today I found this

If someone knows if there is overvoltage diode in this HD and where it is I’ll appreciate it.

This is my pcb .

Thank you very much!

I can’t see any TVS diodes on your board. :frowning:

Thank  you fzabkar. I have to live without my data…:stuck_out_tongue:

I thought about buying an identical(model) disk but its very possible that it won’t work.

I also tried the pcb of my WD1600YS… but only the motor started.

Thanks again! Have a nice day!:wink:

Even if the two boards are identical, you will still need to transplant the 8-pin serial EEPROM chip at location U12 from patient to donor. This chip contains unique drive specific calibration data. U12 is between the Marvell MCU (big M) and the hynix SDRAM. If you are not adept at soldering, then your local TV/AV repair shop should be able to do it for you.

I can’t read the chip’s markings, but you can use my notes to confirm its identity:

Thanks for the valuable info. My chip’s markings are



I didn’t find it in your notes. But looks like “M25P10V6, ST Microelectronics, 1 Mbit (128 Kbit x 8) serial Flash memory”…

Yes, that’s it.

I’ll update my list. Thanks.

BTW, the “619” is probably a YWW (Year / Week) date code.

Thank you very much!:smiley: