Some frontends I have done (13th Dec 2012)


I’ve done another frontend/dashboard. This one I think is similar to the AppleTV. The navigation is just left/right. If a new firmware or a WD promotions are detected they should be displayed in the bottom right-hand corner. The text labels are again part of the rv_home.xml and will change to whatever language is selected.

It has got  a meta.xml and is saved as zip file, so it should work with the SMP.

Thank You.

Tiles Test (695kb) - Added on the 13th Dec 2012.

Tiles (180kb) - Added on the 9th Dec 2012.

MediaPortal Black Glass Nova (1.32MB) - Added on the 8th Aug 2012.

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Nice Work

keep’em coming

Just an update.

Thank you.


I really like the Aplle TV one. Keep up the good work, would like ot see this finished


I tried The “Tiles Test2” on the SMP and got the “Invalid file – Please correct file” msg when uploading .

I am using the” ALASKA RESURFACE 7/3/12” theme and just replace the ones in your zip file into the “ALASKA RESURFACE 7/3/12 theme”

Do you have any suggestions ? – tried a few times, with no success. Uploading via the web browser is normally fine – done many times with other themes, so just doing the above is causing the error.


try a different browser

chrome seems to be the most stable for this, although firefox usually works for me

Thanks - I am using Firefox and always works. It is something that I am doing wrong or that is missing from the Theme front end downloaded from the first post

Hello tony0204,

I’m sorry I cannot help you. I don’t have a SMP just the Hub.

I used 7-zip with the Compression Level of Store for the zip file and with the meta.xml I thought it would work on the SMP.

I don’t know if KAD79 has downloaded Test Tiles 2. But with his expertise and knowledge, if he doesn’t say that the problem is with the zip file then I believe that there is nothing wrong with the zip file.

I hope you can get it to work and again I am sorry I couldn’t be any more help to you.


ok, well admitadley, when I downloaded these zips, they would not upload to my SMP via firefox

I by passed the whole thing used curl to upload it

but in the first few days, I got my SMP, I had found the the webend upload function is a bit buggy

same file would work in chrome, but not in firefox

others would upload just fine in firefox

IE9 again some work some don’t

so far as for webrowser uploads chrome seems the most stable

if you’re not comfortable with installing chrome or others …

you could grab a zip that you know has worked

delete the files inside it, then copy the files from the above zip into the working zip


btw, I did not get to test out your front ends as much as I wanted to, but definetely nice work

Thank you both for reply

Steven - I like the look of front end, so well done.

@KAD79 – did your suggestion, that is how I was going it, as it happens

Another learning curve for me I guess, all takes longer the older you get !

When I have some time after Christmas, will look at what files are needed for the frontend and how they may be interacting with the Alaska theme or may be if you do not have the latest firmware , don’t know. If I make progress will update.

Happy Christmas to all.

You can use any one of these “fron t ends” with my Alaska Theme (or any other Theme in fact)

Sample: MediaPortal Frontend in AlaskaResurface15 thumbs … SMP Zip Compatible (Zipped at Root Level and No Compression)

MediaPortal Black Glass Nova (1.32MB) - posted on Page(1)

Will Not Upload to the SMP … 2 Reasons

1. It’s a RAR file and not a ZIP file

2. There is no meta.xml file

Thanks Joey for the download

I used that frontend with your theme a while back and all worked ok.

It is just the Tiles one that is not working for me

1)      I downloaded – then unpacked.

2)      Copied the all the files in the zip into the relevant places meta.xml and rv_home.xml to root

3)      The images to images folder

4)      Zip up again and submitted – get error

I know my procedure for zipping up the theme etc and using Firefox works because i have been modifying the gallery view, re my previous posts and uploaded many times, so must be something else.

Just to prove me wrong ( which I readily accept ) could you do the same for Tiles Test2 and if works upload that for me to download, I’ll then see were I am going wrong.

Thanks in advance.



Ok, copied Tiles Test2 in my Alaska Theme …


Had to edit “inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml” and make a couple of changes to steve’s “rv_home.xml”


Works fine now on the HUB …


Anyways, Zipped it all up into a SMP compatible Zip file (by all accounts, It “Should” work)


P.S. DON’T use Download Accelerators with Hotfile Links … It won’t download properly (Just do a normal speed download)

Hello JoeySmyth,

Blummin’ 'eck! I can’t believe all this time I never noticed the missing ‘t’ and I even added the date to it recently.

I would like to thank yourself and KAD79 for taking the time and effort to get the frontend to work for tony0204. It’s great to have experts like the both of you and others in this forum.

And I would like to wish yourself and everyone a Happy Chrismas. (I couldn’t help myself with the last bit)



Thanks for early Christmas present and looking at, just downloaded, will try later today or tmo.

Happy CHRISTMAS to you all and for making life a bit more fun ( well you know what I mean )


It worked a treat – Thanks :smileyvery-happy:



No Probs  … Merry Christmas