Some folders turned into files

Recently, I don’t have access to some folders. They turned into files. All the (fake) files have the same size : 10ko and the same date : 11/04/2008)… It’s very strange. Of course, I’ve already tried to reboot the HD My Book Live.

Have you got any ideas ?



I would recommend performing a firmware update and drive test while on your unit’s Dashboard configuration page, then Settings, Utilitties, Diagnostics.

This could be a sign of data corruption.


First of all, thanks for your advice. The firmware is already up-to-date.

When I’m trying to lauch the test (short or long), I obtain an error message for both of them. Do I change the hard disk, or all the system ? Or simply trying to format the hard disk before ?

Thanks !


On such cases, I would recommend replacing the device as a whole under warranty, Additional information is available in the following link: