Some folders/content not shown

I have a few folders which contain movie/dvd files.

Now one of those folders is the serie Friends.

Weird thing is, that all seasons apear correctly, but not season 10. It says that there are no files in it, but there are like 20 media files.

Other example: i have another serie where each season is devided into 6 dvd’s. All seasons are shown, except for 1. The folder season 7 is not shown, the subfolders named dvd 1 - dvd 6 are not shown either. The weird part is, that when it only contained dvd 1 as a subfolder, it did show.

When i go to the filenavigator in stead of the ‘Movies’, everything shows up fine.

You need to post this in the General Discussion forum.  The Idea forum is only to post ideas for things that you would like to see the HUB do.

For problems like this, you need to either post in one of forums for that issue or in the General Discussion forum.

Looks like the post got moved.

Do you happen to be using Avast Antivirus?   What you’re describing sounds just like a bug that the later versions introduced.