Some files will not copy to Passport - Unable to delete associated folders

Note: Due to difficulties with Smartware, I have removed all Smartware programs from hard drive and reformatted the Passport drive using -


PC on and logged in (Windows 7 Professional)
Inserted Passport USB cable
Autoplay appeared and selected WD Unlocker
Entered password and unlocked drive
Viewed files in Windows Explorer
Created new folder, opened it, and dragged and dropped three folders from hard drive to copy to Passport
Part way through copying the following pop window opened -

Item Not Found

Could not find this item
This is no longer located in G:\Pictures.  Verify the item's location and try again.
1209 Sept 2012
Date created: 2/10/2016 4:02 PM

Checkbox at bottom says Do this for all current items (114 found); I did not check the box

NOTE: The G: drive is my Passport

Selected Try Again button which only repeats the above Item Not Found window
Selected Skip button which does the same
Selected Cancel which ended ALL copying

Selected suspect folder (1209 Sept 2012) and am unable to delete it

I successfully deleted individual files in this folder including a subfolder’s contents

Am unable to delete the subfolder as well (Misc) other than it will disappear after deletion but then reappear when main folder is reopened…

Attempted to drag and drop this same folder (1209 Sept 2012) again; it proceeded to copy then the Item Not Found pop window opened again with the same results

Properties of hard drive folder (1209 Sept 2012) is 234 files, 2 folders
Properties of same Passport folder which terminated early is 113 files, 1 folder


I recommend you try writing zeroes to the drive using WD DLG.

Hamlet, I will have to look into winDLG for my use as well.

Meanwhile, I have had the issue of filenames within folders being too long causing them not be delete-able… Sometimes it was easier to not try and delete folder/files from HD and cut and paste folder to PC Desktop, which removes item from HD and I can deal with it later when on desktop. Process usually involves deleting all files I can, and then change name of each remaining file to something short and simple (e.e. A, B, C etc.) and then I can delete it!