Some Files Not Backed Up / Drive Will Not Disconnect

I have have two issues. First, after completing the initial back-up to my new 4TB My Passport, I received a message saying that only about 10 files (out of tens of thousands) were not backed up. How can I get these files backed up? Second, after closing the WD Backup program, I tried to safely disconnect my device (since I store this particular back unconnected from my computer to prevent against ransomware, fire, etc.). However, I continue to get the message that I should close some programs in order to safely disconnect. I opened Task Manager and see that WD Drive Manager and WD App Manager are still running. Why are they still running and how do I stop them so I disconnect my drive? Are there any other WD programs that need to be turned off so I can disconnect my drive? Thank you.

Hi 55Mike,

There might be various factors which could prevent safe ejection of the drive from the computer so I would suggest you to shut down the computer and remove the drive.

It is now Working OK.

Thank you