Some files not accessable when connected to a different computer

Hi, trying to find a solution to a problem my mother in law is having with her my book drive.  She has 2 laptops (laptop 1 and laptop 2), both are running windows 7 64.  All the files on the my book were created/placed there using laptop 1, but for some reason when using laptop 2, some of the photo files are not accessable! A message pops up saying something about not having administrator rights to open it.  Well on both computers she has full administrator accounts, so i cannot see why it will not let her open the files on computer 2 (they work fine on computer 1)

Anybody able to come up with an explanation why this is happening? better still a solution?

Cheers, any help is much appreciated…


Go into drive properties then Sharing and grant full permissin to Everyone.


I’m pretty sure i checked that and it was already on share with everyone, i will double check though when i’m round there next…  It is only “some” of the files that are not accessable, which is what i’m finding strange. i’d say 70 - 80% open as they should, but a few files here and there say that she doesn’t have permision on computer 2.  Any other ideas i can try out when i’m next round there??


Check the sharing on the individual files too Vista and Windows 7 can be a major pain. Also look into taking ownership of the troublesome files.