Some closure for me on the firmware issue

Short story. I contacted support they rang me at home trouble shoot via remote connection. 30 minutes of trying could not resolve. It’s impossible to roll back the firmware so they are sending me a replacement device. I copy my files over to the new device and send the old one back. If they’ve done this for many other customers it must be costing them a bomb. I’m happy with this course of action but I honestly think under consumer law and/or good faith it was the only choice WD can make. Now I just wait for the new drive which I’ve been told does not have the firmware update.

Congradulations. I’m still chasing around with Customer Support. Have had two sessions 90 minutes and 60 minutes. Have also had two afternoons waiting for calls that came in the evening when wasn’t home. I’m almost back to normal BUT not quite there. Meanwhile I’ve dumbed down My Cloud to minimal level, removed all WD software and using it exclusively as a media server. What a waste My Cloud, My Book and WD Tv Live Streaming. It frightens me that either I must stay on the current firmware forever or risk going through all this **bleep** again. Excuse the RANT guess I’m just jealous that you got satisfaction.

Well the replacement drive hasn’t arrived yet so I’m not celebrating just yet!

When you get it I’d be curious to know what firmware is on the drive.

I will post that info on this thread when I get the drive. Might be a couple of weeks though as I’m in Australia and it’s coming from overseas I assume.