Some basic questions!

I just got a MyCloud Mirror back up and I’m having a hard time finding some basic information on the various websites. Some quick basics: I have a MacBook Pro, El Capitan OS, and I have downloaded WD Synch.

1.) Simple enough: how do I turn the device on and off? I have tried a few times looking over the device and can’t seem to figure that one out, making me feel about 4 years old.

2.) Do people find it faster/better to synch using a direct USB port? I’ve noticed that basically none of my files have uploaded using WD Synch since I installed it at Christmas, but I also do not leave my laptop on all day/use it all the time. I have heard from a few sources that it could take months to back everything up using just this method so I just wanted some clarification!

That’s about all for now. I will probably update if anymore questions arise. Thanks in advance!

I do not have a Mirror, but I do have a different WD NAS device. Some of the basic My Cloud devices do not have a power switch, so I don’t want to suggest any way to turn it off. I DO want to suggest you go into WD Support from main website, go into Support and download the complete user manual for your particular model. Lots of your answers will be found there.

The MCM doesn’t have a power switch - you just plug it in and off it goes. You can shut it down via its web dashboard (connect to the MCM via Safari, then once logged in it’s the menu button at the top-right of the dashboard screen, for shutdown/reboot/logout), and if you do so then to power it back on again just unplug the power brick connector (either at the wall or the back of the MCM) and plug it back in again to restart it.

For the second question - the USB ports at the rear of the device are for adding expansion drives, or for temporary connection of drives for data transfer. You cannot directly connect a PC or laptop to the MCM via them for data transfer via a cable.

If you want to move a lot of data, either transfer it to a suitable USB drive on your MacBook and then plug that into the MCM and copy the data using the web file viewer app available in the dashboard (under apps), or for larger transfers if your MacBook has an Ethernet port you can also connect the MCM directly to the Mac via the Ethernet cable. That can be a little faster than going via wifi and a router for large amounts of data, although of course you lose network access as the two devices are just directly connected.