Some avi files with mpeg / mp3 codecs still not working thru network

i got the new firmware today and i dont know exactly what it was for but it hasnt addressed this issue where some avi files with mpeg video and mp3 audio codecs are said to be “not an accepted format” when streaming thru a network connection, even tho ive had a bunch of other files with the same exact container and codecs that do work.

idk if its a matter of the encoder using a constant or variable bit rate for the audio thats causing the issue, but either way these are all major standards in the codec and container industry for years, so you should be able to sort this out.

the files that do have an error thru the network, play just fine strait from a USB drive. so its not a matter of them being a wrong format, even tho thats what the error says when you play it thru a network connection.

The newest version, 1.01.17, effectively updates units by incorporating a more robust method of upgrading firmware over the internet. (It does not cure playing bugs etc)

How do you know that the AVI problem is due to MP3 audio. I don’t believe the box tells you the reason for not playing the file. Its likely to be the video / audio combination or the method of encoding.

either way, all these files play strait from a USB, so its a matter of me looking at the codes and seeing that ive yet to have issue streaming AVI-MPEG-AC3,  AVI-MPEG-MP3 is the only combination thats hit-or-miss

You can use Mediainfo to look at the files