Some AVI / AC3 5.1 play only as 2 channel

Using official DivX converter with AC3 passthrough from .vob -> WDTV plays my files with 5.1 sound.

Using Super@ to convert .vob to .avi (DX50) with AC3 passthrough generates also files with the same

AC3 / 5.1 stream … but WDTV plays them only in Stereo ???

On my PC all this files play well with AC3 / 5.1 sound and also GSpot tells me the files on which WDTV

fails to play 5.1 (play only Stero) … still have AC3 / 5.1 content !!!

Seems that WDTV does not like .avi created with super@ … while other players and PCs (mplayer, vlc, …)
play the files without problems !!!  *** please have it fixed (can send you a sample) *** 

*** Gotcha ***
Is a bad header info 00 20 02 (AC3 2 channel), changed it with HexEditor to 00 20 06 (AC3 6 channel),

Were you able to fix it by changing the header info?

Yes, absolutely running fine now :slight_smile: