Some Advice Please

Hi All, I am very close to buying a WDTV live and hard drive to get all my movies on to my full HD TV using HMDI connections. Before I part with my hard earned cash. I have a few questions please. My idea is I get all my media off my 250 GB mac which is full to bursting. Should I get the TV live and a 2TB HDD and add new media to the drive as I get it? or should I just go for a WD Elements PLay 2TB Multimedia? I am not networked at home. I only use a airport express connecdted from my cable box, my mac is ealry release and can’t use ‘N’ tech, so networking is out of the window. I assume that I can add new media via a stick to the drive or Elements? The Elements is around £30 cheaper from Amazon, is it worth paying extra for on line content via the WD live and dongle? So many questions I am sorry any help would be great…being UK based has some limitations…Rain largely!  :smiley: