Solving my old problem of having to reboot my routers wirelessly

Rebooting my routers (Shaw Modem, Airport Extreme and my Airport Time Machine) are always a big deal at my house since I have to crawl behind a nest of cables, a drum kit, books to pull out the power cord, wait for a few seconds balanced in a position that rivals the Matrix dodging of bullets, then re-plug the device back in. Not only do the routers require rebooting, my iHome wifi smarthome also requires unplugging and replugging to re-acquire an IP. I promised iHome that I will throw out their product but since I have already paid for them, iHome doesn’t care.

Adding a wifi smart plug to power off another smart plug doesn’t quite work as soon as you shut down the router, none of the wifi smart plugs will respond to turn the router back on.

Thus for years I have been searching for wired outlet switches, something I could turn off and on with a switch without having to reach down, behind, beneath, around to an outlet if blindly groped could potentially shockingly kill you.

I found the wireless outlet with remotes on Amazon that sold in a set of 5 outlets with 2 remotes which operates on the old fashion radio signals. Although big and clunky, I am hoping, after installing it, that all my days of crawling around would be behind me.

I have no idea why my Shaw modem, my Apple Airport Extreme and Time Machine requires rebooting from time to time, but the symptoms are my ihome plugs drops off the network and doesn’t respond anymore (clashing of its? perhaps). The other symptoms are my Wifi devices would be slow to respond.

Anyways if you need to reboot your routers like I do, head for Amazon to pick up these plugs.