[Solved] WD SSD Dashboard not detecting WD Blue ssd

When I first installed SSD Dashboard it detected my drive fine.
Since then It now does not detect the drive.
I have it connected via a Sata to USB adapter.
I have uninstalled it and re-installed it 3 times with no result.
Many hits on web search tells me this problem is very widespread.
Please fix your SSD Dashboard so I can maintain my drive.
edit: just found this in current version release notes.
version (10/12/2018)
“Added workaround for USB SATA dongle hardware connectivity issues.”
Presumably it should find ssd conncted with usb/sata but it does not.

Problem was with the usb/sata connector. Used another brand and it is now fine.

Yeah so many different brands of adapters WD can’t keep up :wink: A lot of adapters hide the drive info instead of passing it through. That’s probably what was happening.