[Solved] WD elements. Blinking flashing light, Disc not spinning

Hi everyone,

I just make this post because I’ve had this problem, I saw many persons in the forum who had this issue and didnt find the solution. So I explain mine.

I always took care of 2To WD elements, never had a shock or anything.

But one day, the HDD crashed as I had been using it for several hours, watching a TV show.

I unplugged it, rebooted the PC and everything… but I always had this blinking light, and I didnt hear the disc spinning inside.

The laptop PC, the macbook, the PS3 didnt recognize my WD HDD, tried with different USB cables… but nothing.

Garantee gone 5 months ago, but doesnt matter, I’d like to have my datas back. 

I opened the black box, and considered opening the HDD itself, which is risky… but first thing to do was to check if the HDD could actually work as internal in a central unit, which shouldnt happen if its broken

SO SOLUTION: Worked as an internal drive in a central unit (requires SATA cables to plug it though), and you can have access to your data.  Only need to buy a new enclosure to make the drive external again.

Like its said in other topic, it’s a power issue that happenend in the first place in the external drive. NO NEED TO PUT YOU HDD IN THE FRIDGE

Welcome to the Community.

It is not recommended to expose electrical components to moisture. I’m glad you were able to recover your data without resorting freezing, which is actually more harmful than good.


Could you explain more exactly the manipulations what you did as I semms have the same trouble with my external 2 To which shows no letter on the disk manager and windows ask me to initialize it …

If I could recover my 2 years of souvenirs …I would be very grateful !


Hello Leinaddan,

I’m not sure you have exactly the same problem as me. It sounds like your computer recognizes your HDD when you plug it.

I think it is asked to reinitialize it when there is something corrupted on your drive.

Have tried to check your disk ?

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
  2.     Note: On Vista and later operating systems right-click the command prompt, and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Type: chkdsk :X /f /r (X being the letter your HDD was used to having in the disk manager)
  4. Press Enter.

Hello Skearo I tried but no result; only message drive, file or access non valid I tried many letters even the one I had before for this drive Thanks