SOLVED: S'Ware to WD Backup - Not Updating Anything

WDBZFP0010BBK - 05 MYPassport Ultra Purch’d 1-10-15
Had trouble converting from (perfect) SmartWare to WD Backup ( showed Offline & Add a Plan = Error Msg) but it Now does appear to Start Every Hour ( I see Preparing to Bkup and quits after 2 minutes)
Problem is that simple Word (.docx) & .(Excel (xlsx) Files are NOT Updating to Later Times.
I SEE them in My Computer & they are Checked. Several manual “Update Now’s” haven’t changed anything.
My Model # is NOT in the WD Bkup Supported List (Only 3 Strings show) but Sppt didn’t say anything about it.
Quick Drive Test by Utilities = OK; I’m in Admin mode; Not Infected; File Not in Use at Bkup Time; Name Length OK, etc., etc.
Just did Update Now on the NEW MyPpt and IT DID UPDATE FILES. A 3-YR Old Unit is the Issue.
Any ideas B4 I open a Sppt Tkt are appreciated.

I found out that Ultra is NOT supported by WD Discovery and am now trying the new version. Similar problems.

Thanks for the Follow-up.
Based on having a New MyPassport I actually had gotten help with the 3-Yr Old Ultra.
I have re-submitted an email with the last case # closed when WD backup finally showed the Ultra and it “Appeared” to be backing up.
Will advise IF / What is the reply.

Discovered that the WD backup Location for me is -----J:\WD Backup.swstor\My name\VGMgOJUGO1NdHDOj\Volume{a1bbc16f-7361-11e1-9521-806e6f6e6963}\Users\My name\Documents\Craig

Factor in my up & down expertise & it was a Comedy of Errors. My prior desktop shortcut was taking me to the Old Location [ J:\WD SmartWare.swstor\My name\etc\etc\ … and I missed seeing the 2nd WD Backup.swstor backup location that was created. Looked for Updates in the Wrong place.

Maybe more importantly, in the “Include: Edit Files” I DID NOT CHK Anything in Library since I knew it was Duplicated in “My Computer” module. Mostly the same Folders (some Documents members un-chk’d Vs All) chosen in “My Computer” section and Nothing happened that I could tell.
Phone Sppt Remotely Connected Chk’d All Boxes in Library and we watched 1.6 GB get Backed Up. THAT makes no sense but it apparently changed things.

I’ve adjusted Shtcuts and presume All is Well.
Clifford, I hope this impacts you. Thanks again.