[SOLVED] Read/Write but Don't Delete

I have found a way to read/write but not delete and it works PERFECTLY!!!

You need to download Putty and WinSCP. SSH into MBL as root with password welc0me using Putty and WinSCP. If you want to access the folder with WD2go then create the folder in the WD Dashboard. If you don’t care to access them with WD2go the you can just use the mkdir command in Putty or create the folder in WinSCP.

After you have created your folder, open Putty and create a new user and cd to where you created the folder. WD Dashboard places created shares in /DataVolume/shares

adduser userone
cd /DataVolume/shares

 (replace “NewFolder” with your folder name) 

chmod 3774 NewFolder
chown userone:userone NewFolder
chmod g+s Newfolder
chmod +t NewFolder

(Running the ll command should show you this: drwxrws–T 2 userone userone 65536 May 14 22:06 NewFolder)

Now go into WinSCP navigate to /etc/samba/smb.conf   Edit the file and add this to it:

  comment = My NewFolder Data
  path = /DataVolume/shares/NewFolder
  read only = no
  guest ok = yes
  browseable = yes
  inherit owner = yes
  directory mode = 2774
  directory mask = 2774
  create mask = 2774      
  security mask = 2774      
  force security mode = 2774
  force create mode = 2774
  force directory mode = 2774
  force directory security mode = 2774

 If you created the NewFolder with the WD Dashboard, then also go to /etc/samba/overall_share   Edit the file and remove the [NewFolder] samba info.

Go to /etc/samba/smb-global.conf    Edit the file and change the acl check permissions line to:

acl check permissions = true

 This allows the display of an error message to the user when they try to delete a file or folder.

Once you have done all this, go back to Putty and type:

/etc/init.d/samba restart

That’s it! You should be good to go. This works like a charm for me, hope it helps you.:smiley:

Thanks for sharing. :smiley: