SOLVED ! Problems with showing pictures fter last firmware upgrade

I have the latest firmware installed, it was upgraded through the wdtv live menu.

WD TV LIVE HD Media Player

Firmware 1.04.10_V

Part number WDAAP0000NBK

Since the upgrade the box has worked flawlessly for me.

I allmost exclusively use the box for Video through network share.

And i have enjoyed some of the internet media capability that has arrived. Thees additions are wonderfull, and i cant wait untill there will be more to see through channels like that.

MY Problem:

After the upgrade the box is unable to show pictures.

I can browse the pictures in thumnail mode or in list mode.

I can browse pictures through network share, and through media stream.

-but as soon as i try to click ANY picture in any browser, the loading circle starts and it will turn untill i go back.

it does not matter wether this is a tiny gif or a huge jpg portraight.

I have tried to change all the system settings concerning photos in the menu, full screen fit screen transitions  and so on. Nothing changes.

I have of course allso tried a factory reset in the wdtvlive menu, but still same result.

I have ofcourse allso tried to browse the pictures from different sources to make sure it is not the media server who is acting up. Remember the pictures show up correctly in thumbnail mode. So the picture must be accessible right?

If anyone has had any problems like this before, did you finde a cause?

Is there a different way i can reset the WD TV LIVE  “harder”  (feel like kicking it in nuts)

Is this a known problem even though i couldnt find anyone complaining :confused:

I managed to fiks the problem by forcing in the lates firmware again,

Did the downgrade trick and edited  the .ver file.

After upgrade there was no problem showing pictures again.

I am still not able to watch pictures using media stream, only through network share.

but that is not important to me.

I bought the device today. Everything work perfectly… Excepy showing photos… I have the exact same error as you. Need help. Anyone on this forum that has fixed this?