SOLVED partially MyNet N900 HD and storage options partitions FAT32 and NTFS browsing-viewing

I got usb WD passport III studio II 500GB external disk connected to router MyNet N900 HD.

Got two parttions 200GB FAT32 and 250GB NTFS, but can see-browse with file manager only the one FAT32.


Check page 62 of the manual.

thx, but that does not helped me, I can see only the fat32 partition, have done allign the partitions and chcecked for errors trough partition wizard home, but none helped me, whenn I connect the usb to pc there is no problem I can browse all two partitions, but connected the external usb hdd to router I can see-browse only fat32


ok, I managet it out, here is my solution:

  1. on Safely Remove I removed with Eject button the usb storage device my III Studio II HDD

  2. on Storage Workgroup Name changed to GROUP1 previous was GROUP

  3. on Host and LAN Settings changed my host name to MyNet900 previous it was MyNet

  4. on DHCP Server Settings Local Domain Name changed to GROUP1 previous was group

  5. turned off and turned on again, because router freezed 

after then I changed the DHCP Server Settings Local Domain Name changed back to GROUP and Storage Workgroup Name changed back to GROUP

and it seems to work but I dont know why it shows as \mynet900\WD_PP_III_Studio_II_01 and \mynet900\WD_PP_III_Studio_II_05 when I have only two partitions on disk and it should show the second partition as \mynet900\WD_PP_III_Studio_II_02 and not …05 ???