*SOLVED* MyBookLive creating duplicate laptop hard drive locations

Hey guys,

I need you experts!

I’m getting some odd behaviour from my MyBookLive.

I’ve got the MyBookLive set up on my laptop and the WD2go app on my phone.

My Dell laptop has two hard-drives, named as Primary Hard Drive © and Secondary Hard Drive (D). I back up files from both locations on to my MyBookLive.

About a month ago I upgraded my laptop’s (D) hard drive and re-loaded it with its previous file content. It was at this point when I re-named the hard drives ‘Primary Hard Drive’ and ‘Secondary Hard Drive’.

However, my MyBookLive began duplicating the files from the original removed hard-drive - essentially it was seeing three hard drives on my laptop; the old removed one plus the current Primary and new Secondary.

I ended up doing a fresh install of MyBookLive and starting from scratch. Problem solved I thought!

Now, however, when viewing my files on MyBookLive, I am now presented with 5 different hard drive locations - my Primary © and Secondary (D) laptop hard drives , plus three other alpha-numeric locations (e.g. Volume.2fb54s3ss…etc).

These three additional alpha-numeric hard drive location are:

  1. The original removed hard drive from my laptop, and

  2. The alpha-numeric versions of the Primary © and Secondary (D) named hard drives.

As a result, my files are being backed up across all 5 locations with my latest files appearing on the alpha-numeric named hard-drive locations while older files are located under the ‘Primary Hard Drive’ and ‘Secondary Hard Drive’.

What’s going on?

If I delete the alpha-numeric versions of the hard drives, they just re-appear a day later.

How can I get the MyBookLive to only refer to the two laptop drives and ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ and not keep creating dupliate locations with the alpha-numeric variant of each?

Many thanks!

are you using smartware to backup?  or…?

Yes I am. I using it to select individual folders as opposed to the category backup method.

if all your data is still in tact, you might want to go into smartware and deselect your folders.  Maybe then go into \mybooklive\smartware and delete all the backups.  Then go back into smartware, reselect your folders, and go to bed.

It seems like it knows that the new drive and the old drive were two different drives. 

Thanks cman548.

I think it’s sorted now.

As per your advice, I deselected all the folders I’m backing up and also deleted all the back ups from the LiveBook.

I then reselected the folders and restarted the back up. The named ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ hard drives disappeared and I ended up with 3 (instead of 5) hard drive folders.

Initially I was confused as to why there were 3, seeing as I only have 2 hard drives on my laptop. But a bit of digging around found that my primary hard drive is partitioned and this 3rd drive is that partition containing recovery data on my laptop.

Many thanks for your help. It’s very much appreciated.