SOLVED: My Media Library Showing Folders

SOLUTION ====================================================

  1. I set FILTER to Genre and that removed the folders

  2. I renamed the share folder to not start with the same letter. I had BD, BD2, BD3, BD4 each on a different share and changed these names to M BD, N BD, O BD, P BD and now all my shares are being scanned, not just the first one.

PROBLEM =====================================================

I have latest firmware 2.01.86


My Media Library consists of 4 network shares all on the same windows 7 pc.





Inside each share are genre folders like: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi etc. and inside each genre is a folder for each movie. So it is like \BD\Action\300\300.iso 300.xml 300.jpg (metadata was generated by wdtvhubgen)

I saw another topic with a similar setup and problem so I am plagerizing his comments a bit.

All 4 show up in Media Library Manager, all 4 show OK and a scan time BUT it will only scan the first share. It was confirmed in that thread that multiple folders starting with the same letter are not read after the first is read. I’m just adding my vote to this issue and welcome any comments about it.


So, I removed 3 of the shares so as to at least get one working. My understanding of the My Media Library is that is will scan the folders, read in the metadata and display the movies regardless of the folder structure. When I go into My Media Library it shows the top level folder BD. So I have to click into it and then I see the next folder ACTION. So I have to click into that folder and now I see the list of folders for each movie. Then I click into one of the movie folders and NOW I finally see some metadata on the screen. I was expecting My Media Library to create a folderless presentation so what could be wrong here?  I have tried Clearing the Library multiple times and it seems to take about 30 seconds for the rescan. Each share has about 70 .iso movies in the folder structure mentioned above. Get content info is set to Auto if that means anything. After all this when I go to VIDEO, the My Media Library still starts me at the top level folder BD etc. Same for any of the Views. My goal is to see a fancy page of ACTION movies or a fancy page of genres to choose from.

Thanks for any help



Thanks for editing your post with the solution, Hope it helps other users.