SOLVED! My Book Studio II is not mounting - in danger of losing all my work

Hi everyone! I am an IT illiterate and I’m hoping some wonderful person might be able to help me.

I have been using my My Book for six years. It failed me once and after some Googling I changed the connection from Firewire something else to Firewire 800, which worked, and it’s been fine ever since, until… recently, the icon hasn’t been mounting, intermittently, which I have really stupidly ignored. Now it seems to have stopped altogether. I’m working on a Mac OSX 10.9.5.

I have changed the cable from Firewire to USB, and tried the My Book on a different computer - neither of which worked. I have tried mounting it through Disc Utilities and that didn’t work either.

Is it broken? Am I at data recovery stage? Don’t want to go that vast expense if it’s fixable in another way, but on the other hand I have all my work archived on it and if I lose it it’ll be fairly serious for me.

Lesson learnt - two backup systems in future!

Hi there,

Something you can check is the power connection on the drive, try to see if you can connect the power directly to the power outlet and see if it comes up. hope this helps.

Thanks ArMak - I have tried that and it made no difference.

But several hours after I created my post, with the My Book still connected to the Mac, the thing suddenly mounted, with a warning to back up my files and reformat the disk. I took the opportunity to copy all my work back onto the computer, and this morning the disk won’t mount again.

Thanks very much for your help :slightly_smiling: