Solved - Folder in Public share no longer accessible

Hi, I have MyBook Live Duo that is only two weeks old running Firmware 02.42.02-012. There is only one user, the Admin. I created a folder ‘Shadow’ in the Public share as a temp storage for some files which copied there fine and were fully accessible. A couple of days later and I no longer need the files, so deleted them which was also fine. When I went to delete the now empty folder ‘Shadow’ it is inaccessible. I get the message ‘Shadow is inaccessible. Access is denied.’ I thought it may somehow be a permissions problem, but when I went into it’s permissions it says that I am the owner with full control, but that I can’t change the permissions because I need to be an administrator to do that. ? I’m a bit stuck! I can access all other folders in the Public share without any problems. Has anyone got any suggestions? It’s not stopping anything from working, but I’d like to get rid of this empty folder that I for some reason don’t even have the ability to rename.

Edited to add: This has been solved. No idea how, but the folder has disappeared - which raises some questions in itself, but my particular problem has been solved.

Hello, it is possible that one program on your PC was using the Shadow folder.