[SOLVED]Failed Dsm6.1 roll back to WD recovery mode! Dont have telnet user&password

Hi all,
I didn’t read the How_to.txt from


Just flash the WD_to_DSM_ bootloader . And it doesn’t work when i setup DSM-wdmc-mirror-gen2-15047.pat
as same as How_to.txt mentioned…

So I try setup DSM-wdmc-mirror-gen2-8451.pat
It not work too.with sane error 13 as How_to.txt mentioned.

So i want to roll back to the WD recovery Mode by telnet.

Problem is that the Diskstation Login…What is the User Name & Password can let me enter in to format it back to WD recovery…

Q1:Anyone know the User name and password for this build in telnet???

OR: Any other solution can flash it back to WD OS.


Hi All,
I found my result from here