SOLVED ... Duplicate files (not really !)

Hello friends…

Facing a typical problem. My setup first. My Cloud 6 TB connected to Asus 88U router on a Gigabit port. On the wifi I have two devices. My Yamaha Receiver and Android player Minix U1.

On both devices I have mapped my drive to see video and audio files.

When I open the folder I sometimes see multiple copies of same song or video. They have the same name (nothing like _1 or _2 or copy 1 or copy 2 after that). When I click on it, it plays normally which means its is not a ghost / invalid link.

But when I open the same folder on my windows computer or My Cloud app on android phone I don’t see any duplicate files.

This has been baffling me for some time… Can anyone help me with this.

Thanks in advance


Hi Parambir,
Have you set sync feature in your My Cloud device?
If yes, then it might have happened due to this.

Sync feature? Where do I see that?

Are both devices using DLNA to access the My Cloud? If so you may need to check the Twonky media server interface on the My Cloud to see how it is treating both devices. Some users have had some strange behavior (including duplicate file names) if the Media Receiver Type on the Twonky Server Settings page is wrong.

One can typically access the Twonky interface of their My Cloud by using http://wdmycloud:9000 or http://<my cloud server name or IP address:9000> in their web browser.

Also the following discussion post has a lot of additional unofficial information on getting the most out of the My Cloud Twonky media server.

Thank for the link @Bennor. I have gone through the initial post and I am trying the following options starting from the 2nd:-

  1. Initiate a library rescan, using either:
    Settings|Media|DLNA Database|Rescan in the Dashboard, or
    Settings|Advanced|Server Maintenance|Rescan Content Folders in the Twonky UI.

  2. Initiate a library rebuild, using either:
    Settings|Media|DLNA Database|Rebuild in the Dashboard, or
    Settings|Advanced|Server Maintenance|Restart Server in the Twonky UI.

  3. Finally, you can completely clear out Twonky’s working area. [This can be useful if you notice the [Error] - LOG_SYSTEM: Error: 2 No such file or directory report in the Twonky logfile. I don’t know what causes this error, or whether it has serious consquences, but I have found it to be associated with periods of diffcult behaviour.]

Let me see what happens after rebuild. Shall update thread.

UPDATE… After I re-built the database I have, till now, not seen any duplicate files. Will monitor it for a few days before I close this thread with another update.

Final Update… The problem has been resolved. So anyone who is having the problem I mentioned, just do what I did. Initiate a Library Rebuild.

Thanks. Closing thread.