SOLVED Cannot Find New Theme Loaded On To Hub Internal Drive

I am currently running Simplicity Linksheet theme and have downloaded the Goodbye Black Mamba Linksheet theme.

Unzipped it and copied the goodbye black Mamba Theme folder to the .wd_tv/theme folder on internal drive. It is shown there along with the Simplicity theme folder on PC.

When I turn on the hub and go to Setup/Appearance/ and select User Interface Themes (where Simplicity is shown as the current theme) the only themes showing are Anodized, Winter Mochi, Winter, Anodized 3.24.05 XL, OsdModHub 1.0, and Legacy.

No goodbye Black Mamba Theme OR the Simplicity theme that is currently running.

What am I doing wrong? I know I loaded Simplicity theme without any problems.Current firmware 3.11.10


Edit: Solved, I forgot about the red button to show local themes.

Hi ritaben, good to hear you solved it.