SOLVED: Blinking WD logo, shutdown problem

I got my Live Hub a little less than 4 weeks ago.  It worked fine during the first few days.  But around the 5th day, I got the blinking WD logo-shutdown problem.  It drove me really crazy for a week I think as I couldn’t figure out how to solve it with only the power and the reset buttons.

It turned out that the problem (which could be unique to me) is that I put a mouse pad on top of the Live Hub which kept the Hub really hot.  I’m not sure but it is probably equipped with some auto-shutdown during high temp feature.

Ever since I removed the mouse pad, the Hub’s temperature has been normal and the shutdown problem never occurred again for more than a week now.

I hope your blinking WD logo / shutdown problem is as simple as mine.


Mine just keeps shutting down. I had my wdtv live hub on a towel but I put my radio remote under it to levitate it. :slight_smile:

but now it just keeps shutting down on the second WDTV logo. was yours like that?

No, mine wasn’t on a towel. :-D   If you put something under the hub, it must be blocking the fan!!!

But yes, mine kept on shutting down with a “click” (sounded like a rely) a split second after displaying “Loading mochi” on the 2nd WDTV logo screen.