SOLVED April 19 Youtube Invalid username or password?!?! 2013

It is April 19,2013 and yesterday Youtube stopped working on my WDTV live and my WDTV Live HD media players.  I have 2 units.  Suddenly the youtube logon failed for both units.  Neither could log in.  This is 1.05.15_v

It has the classic youtube interface and not the new one.  I HATE the new one so I cannot upgrade my devices any more :frowning:

Did anyone else notice this issue?  WHat I did was I used my WiiU for the night to watch youtube and the next day today, I just tested and it worked.

Was the issue on Youtubes side of things?  I find it surprosing no one else posted about this.

I am wondering if the new youtube app could still log in ok, but only the old one could not log in ok?

With this post I a m just trying to get some anweres if anyone knows anything about what went wrong.

I was in a panic because I love my classic youtube app on the WD and use it every day.

I was afraid they were trying to force me to use the new Youtube app firmware upgrade or something.

So I did nothing new and now I just logged in ok.

Yes I tried to log in to the classic YouTube yesterday and was rejected (wrong user name or password). The login to the new leanback is done in a different way so that still worked. I will try again today and see if I am still rejected. Out of interest I tried it on both a Live Streaming gen3 and a Live Hub without success.

You are correct, its seems that it was some sort of glitch and I am now able to log in using the classic youtube app on my Live Streaming gen3 and Live Hub. Thanks for the info.

It might have something to do with google + as another member mentioned in this message recently.  See if this helps you:…