Solutions regarding iTunes

Ok so the WDTV Live cannot connect to DAAP media servers such as iTunes. Considering the fact that DAAP is proprietary, encrypted, with licenses payables to Apple, this is understandable as the WDTV Live uses GPL code and has a very reasonnable price.

So what are your solutions regarding the interaction with the iTunes library? I don’t have protected content, but playlists in particular are causing some problems since they’re not standard PLS or M3U files.

My only solution so far is using playlist exporters which read the iTunes XML Library to build PLS files; from there I guess I could install a DLNA media server which would expose those playlists. Is there a better solution, or an integrated solution (e.g. media server which automatically scans the XML Library from iTunes) out there?


Have you tried Yazsoft’s Playback?