Solution to MyBook turing on and off with PC

Hello there. Since recently i’m a proud owner of a 2TB My Boook USB 2.0/USB 3.0. I’ve installed on my Windows 7(64 bit) PC the WD SmartWare software that came with it. Up till here everything is perfect. My issue is the following. If i leave My Book connected through USB to the PC, it will turn on and off with it, meaning i do not have to press the power button. I tend to turn on and off the computer several times a day or leave it running for various hours and i’m concerned about the external hard drive heating or shortening it’s life by just being ON for long periods of time.

What i would like to find out is if, since i don’t use it regularly, there is a way for me to leave My WD external hard drive connected to my PC and, instead of having it powered on with my computer, turn it on myself through the power button on the back whenever i need. Thanks.

P.S.: I know i can just leave the hard drive unplugged to the USB but connecting and disconnecting with every use is not an option since the USB ports of the PC are quite hard to reach. Thanks again

Some of the my books have a power switch on back by cable ports and it only works with Smartware. You would still have to use the remove saftely icon I think to be safe.


I don’t think i expressed myself properly. I have MyBook connected through USB to the PC and it powers on and off with the PC. I want it to turn on and off when i demand it by pressing the button on the back

I think that button is tied to the Smartware I don’t know about the password portion. I wish all of the drives had an off switch on front.


when you safely remove the my book it will power off then you will have the option to press the power button to turn it on. Other wise soon as you connect the usb it will auto matically power on.

OK. Thank you very much for your answer Lawrence, none of the previous seemed to fit the question.

Now, knowing that what i pretended is not possible:

How bad in terms of having a lot of years lasting external hard drive is for it to be on for very long periods of time withouth readin/writing from it?

Or how bad is for it to turn on and off several times a day but withouth reding files from it or writing files to it?

Thanks in advance