Solution to MP4 (H264 AAC) 5.1 Multichannel Audio to AC3 Audio without Transcoding in WDTVLiveHub

Dear Friends,

Recently I purchased 5.1 Dolby Digital System  (Logitech Z906 Dolby DTS Digital 5.1) but was sad to find out that none of the AC Receivers actuallly Decode AAC 5.1 in the economical class person budget support AAC 5.1 Decoding equivalent to the class of AC3 5.1 Digital Encoding.

I found out way to convert any MP4 which is having AAC 5.1 to convert in MKV (WITHOUT Transcoding Video i.e without any video quality loss). The way is to use open source video software AVIDEMUX 2.5.x

Only Audio Transcoding and Not Video

MP42MKVac3 is another tool that converts (without touching the Video)  AAC 5.1 to AC3 5.1


Also, PopCorn MKV AudioConverter (for Mkv’s converts with touching Video … AAC / DTS / AC3 / OGG / MP3)

mkvmerge is a good tool…