Solution to get rid with PLEX on WD Home Duo

Does any solution to return to a SIMPLE connection UpNp without PLEX exists?
Plex was not installed on the WDMyCloud and everything went well (I have one 4To who works very well with my box).

I would like to get rid of this useless software (even harmful) to return to a simple connection between the record and the freebox: is it possible?
Besides the Home Duo is a fast and reliable effective NAS and would be absolutely perfect if we did not do things the hard way with a PLEX …

In case you thought the Home was a replacement for your original My Cloud – it isn’t, as many posts regarding the Home attest to from disappointed new Home owners complain about it. The HOME is NOT a NAS, it is basically a network attached drive without all the familiar NAS features. Some people say the Home is a dummied-down My Cloud.

In fact, the basic My Cloud was discontinued when the Home was released early 2018. So if you want a real NAS, you need to step up the product line to at least the EX series. Sorry to give you the bad news. that Plex is an integral feature of the Home.