*SOLUTION* Meta Tag Tool abstract character work around

This is in response to multiple requests on this thread for the_roggy’s tagging tool. This thread is now 6 pages deep. HUGE thanks to roggy for your work.

For those that are unable to pull meta data with the tool because you have file names with abstract characters and you do not or can not rename the files, you might try this.

*Note I keep all my video files in a parent folder named the same. If you keep all your .avi .mkv files in 1 file then this work around might be a little messy.

The original file for the movie 'The Ringer" is called “cd01.mkv”. Simply create a notepad file and save it as The Ringer (2005).mkv. Even though it’s not a .mkv file it will fool the meta tool to pulling all the data from the database.

Now obviously when it comes time to watch your video you will have to click on cdrom0.mkv.

If you keep your video files separated by folders, this works beautifully.

Thank you for the Information.