SOLUTION: Mac My Book Live Errors 32102, 33152, etc

So you bought a new My Book Live, and upgraded the firmware only to have it **bleep** out on you, right?  Here’s how to fix it on a mac:

  1.  Go here:  http://mybooklive/UI/ssh  (alternatively, type the address of your WD My Book.  Mine was follow that with the UI/SSH folder.  It will look like this:

  2.  Enable SSH

  3.  Make note of the username and password while on that page.  Most likely they are “root” and “welc0me”  (that’s a zero)

  4.  Search for terminal on your mac.

  5.  Type these commands w/o quotes in terminal:

     “ssh root@

  1.  Enter the password (welc0me)

  2.  Type “yes”

  3.  Type"usr/local/sbin/ noreformat"

  4.  Wait a few minutes (3-4)

  5.  Type “reboot”

  6.  Type “exit” to exit terminal

I had further problems creating shares, so I took the following action:

  1.  Simplified share name “PrivateShare”

  2.  Only allowed admin rights on my new private share

  3.  Click Save

  4.  Add users and manage privilages after the share has been created.

Hope that helps!


Nice, thanks for sharing. :smiley: