Solid white LED on startup - no option but a hard reset?!


My 4TB My Cloud Home isn’t starting up - I’m getting a solid white LED on startup, as described in this support article:

The drive seemed to be running slow yesterday, then today caused my mac’s Finder to crash, so I restarted it through the app. It didn’t become available again.

The support article suggests that the only solution is a hard reset, losing all the data?!

The drive is only three months old! I know the hardware will be covered under warranty, but I assume data recovery won’t be. There is three months of laptop and photo backups, and I’ve spent the last few weeks ripping and digitising my entire dvd collection - have I really lost the lot?!

Are there any other possible solutions other than losing all my data, or paying a presumably extortionate amount to one of WD’s third party partners to try and recover it?