Solid red power LED (version 2.10 firmware)

I now have a solid red power LED.  I believe before the firmware update that it was a solid blue.  Is this indicative of some problem?  The unit is very slow to respond now, too.  Seems that with every firmware update, the old problems do not go away and a new set of issues are pushed out.  Western Digital can not be happy with the roll out of this product, and I am sure customers are not too happy either.  I have had this unit for nearly 2 years and spend most of my time troubleshooting issues.  Very disappointed.  I wanted to buy some peace of mind that I have a good backup of my data but have never achieved any confidence with this NAS that my data is safe and secure.  I feel like WD is bending over backwards at this point to try to fix all the issues and not damage their reputation by delivering something that does not work, but I suspect that the development team is off-shore (or worse, in-sourced) and not capable of resolving all their bugs.  Seen it too many times.

Did you try a factory restore without deleting the data? This may allow your unit to fully integrate the new firmware update.

Resetting the unit did not change the behavior.  Since a solid red power LED is not a known status in the WD EX4 user manual, I am wondering if the new firmware update has added a solid red LED to indicate drive encryption is enabled.  The power LED is initially solid blue until I decrypt a drive at which point it turns a solid red.  The drive status lights start flashing blue after the drive is decrypted and the unit is slow to respond due ot high cpu usage/drive actiivty.  I believe that after a while the unit enters a quiescent state, but I am not sure - checking now and will update this thread later.  I do not recall that the previous firmware behaved the same way after drive decryption,  and I do not see anything in the latest release notes regarding this matter.

After a couple of hours, the WDEX4 still has flashing blue drive lights with high cpu usage and never goes into an idle state.  Wdmcserver process seems to be the culprit.  Stopping it helps, but power LED is still red.  

I have been told by tech support that a solid red power LED indicates that a volume is nearly full. I moved a chunk of data off the full volume, but the power LED remained red. Apparently, I did not move enough data to decrease the percent in use to under the threshold.