Solid Red Light- is there hope?

Recently I moved my MyCloud to a different cabinet we purchased. Shortly thereafter, I was unable to access the unit. Therefore, I power cycled several times. And called WD Support. They say I have a faulty drive and I need to send it back to them or send it out for data recovery which starts at $700. Both options leave me devastated. I have my daughter’s photos and videos from birth on there. I read somewhere it is because of overheating- may have been caused by the new cabinet. Now I’m letting it cool off before I plug it back in and try.

Is there any hope? Anything else I should do?

Red can indicate over-temperature shutdown (above 75 C). So you might be lucky. If you are, learn the lesson and back up irreplaceable files.

A couple of other things to consider, as well. I would never put an enclosed drive inside a closed cabinet. I would also never lay the drive down on its side or lay anything on top of its vents, while its standing. That can lead to overheating as well.

I will try once it cools down. What do you use for backing up MyCloud? I thought that was considered a back up source.

A backup is a COPY of ‘working data’.

If you only have the MyCloud as your working data store, and don’t have a copy somewhere else, then if the MyCloud fails (as ALL hard disks can), you have lost all your data.

If you have a backup copy somewhere, this failure will only be an inconvenience, rather than a devastating loss.

That’s what utilities like Safepoint are for; to support backups.

Thanks @cpt_paranoia,

What cpt_paranoia is saying is critical for users to understand. If you have your data on your computer, and then put it on the My Cloud, then the My Cloud is a backup. However, once you move your data from your computer to the My Cloud, then the My Cloud is no longer a backup. It becomes the primary source that now needs to be backed up.

And as cpt says that’s what Safepoint is for - to backup the My Cloud. Just make sure that whatever drive you plug into the My Cloud, it’s at least the same size.