Solid Red Light - Dashboard says: "Content Status: Not Mounted"

Using Gen 1 My Cloud. Solid red light showing. In Dashboard, condition shows “Content Status: Not Mounted”. Data not accessible. All info in dashboard was accessible initially when the red light was showing.

Tried a system only restore (twice). First time, after the restore it showed blinking yellow, then solid yellow, then solid red shortly after. After second attempt, it showed blinking yellow, then solid yellow. It is currently on solid yellow. Since it’s now on solid yellow, I can’t access my dashboard.

PLEASE help. I don’t have the data backed up. I actually had plans to purchase a second MyCloud this weekend to back up the data. Bad timing! Any way to still back up the data or fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: The cloud now shows a blue light, but I can’t access the dashboard or the cloud.

What device are you using and what operating system?

WD Mycloud Gen 1. I access the cloud via my Surface Pro 3 (Windows 10), iPhone, and Chromebook (via chrome browser). I am now able to access it but the name changed, shares are gone, users are gone, and it says no data.

I’m afraid I may have lost everything and my next step may be to consult one of the data recovery partners. But if you have any tips before I reach that point, I’d appreciate it.

I have the same issue. After 40s resetting, it turns blue with contents status mounted but showing capacity 0 KB free.

I have the same issue with dashboard accessible ans contents not mounted, front LED solid red why no any answers here?

Good luck. This basically meant my device was useless. Hopefully you have a backup. I didn’t.


However I don’t have backup. I have to buy a software to recover the data, most of them are photos.

after replacing my 2tb with a 4tb i had the same issue blue light but no console,. I had to system restore it, todo this treat the drive as if its bricked, replace rootfs.img from original firmware 4x. this should give you dashboard which you will need to upgrade firmware and this upgrade will fix other things, good luck