Solid red light and no access to the drive or the deshboard

I just return from vacation and I sew that i can not access my cloud from windows 7 - a red light is soild 

try to reset 4 sec.

try to reset 40 sec.

still red light and cannot access the deshboard

green and orange lights where the cable is connected are on and seems there is a network activity.

in my router the ip is sign to “my cloud”

please help - its a 3T drive with a lot of importent data…

See the User Manual, LED’s, P.10.


You should try a shut down, unplug it, and leave it unplugged long enough to cool down, then try it again.


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cat0w (USA)


Thnaks for the replay…

i unpluged it for 24hr and still the same… solid red light at the front and network activity at the back but with no access to the drive or the deshboard

do not know what to do…

If you are certain that you did the 40s reset properly (unplug power, press reset, keep pressed, plug in, wait 40s, release button: unit should beep) there is not much you can do with a red light. Contact WD support.