Solid Red after power loss

Is there any trouble shooting I should do other than power cycle? 8TB G Raid 1 (mirrored 4TB x 2) serving as a iMac 2017 Time Machine backup (new 2018). Was working fine until house lost power momentarily (not unusual in California :frowning. Now when I power back up it blinks white then settles solid red. Open door, one drive is blue, other is red. Took out the red, blew out the dust. No change. Did the power loss kill the drive and has nothing to do with mounting/reading? I assume the ‘red’ drive has power because it is lit up- is there any way to reset it or is this why I benefit from a Raid 1 setting and the other ‘blue’ drive has all the data. Can I reformat now to make the remaining drive Raid 0 and have time machine start writing again until I get the red drive replaced? Or will time machine not write because it is looking for Raid 1 which as an entity is bad? Thanks for any direction.