Software won't install


I’m a completely low-tech person, so bear with me.  I have a MacBook Air with OS X version 10.9.3 running.  Trying to install the software from my My Passport (model WDBAAA5000ASL) with no luck.  I plug it in, select to install and it just sits with "Estimated time remaining:      " and no estimate and no progress.  I originally used this drive with my old Mac Book Pro with no problems…hoping I don’t have a software compatibility issue.  Time Machine was able to back up my files to the drive, but I can’t access them.  Any help at all would be appreciated.  And again, low-tech gal here, you might have to spell things out for me.

ETA:  I found an older thread (I know, I know, should have looked there first) that seems to have the answers I’m looking for)

Hi Lauren, have you tried to reset yout Mac?