Software to combine two movie files? (i.e. CD1 and CD2)

Was in the process of creating my moviesheets with Thumbgen but realised a lot of my movies have two files (cd1 and cd2) - I think it would be best if I combined all these cd1 and cd2 files to make one larger movie file…does anyone know what software to use for this? I googled a little but there was a lot of info about recompressing the files/losing quality etc. I just want something simple that will quickly combine two 700MB files for example - and output one 1.4GB file

VirtualDub (google it) works great for me…

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You can merge titles seamlessly using the merge function in DVD Fab DVD Copy.

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Thanks, got it working with VirtualDub - is there any way to batch process files or does each file need to be done manually?

use “Fast AVI MPEG Joiner” gets the job done in 1.5 minutes. it’s also very easy to use.

another good one is avidemux