Software needed to operate WD Essential 2.0 1 GIG external backup on Windows 7

I have had this backup gathering dust for quite some time and formatted it to start clean with my new Windows 7.0 computer. Of course, when I formatted the external drive, all my software is gone. I do not have the original disc and when I go to the software links for my external drive, it says software is good for Windows 98 and 2000.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please, so I can use my perfectly good (well it will be, once I have some software to run it) external drive?



It was time to form recent backup of my laptop, thus I got this blue, 500GB WD drive as a result of it absolutely was one amongst the most affordable and that i grasp the manufacturer (used their product before).
The drive is certainly the littlest two.5 in. moveable drive I actually have ever seen personally. it absolutely was the primary USB three.0 device I actually have purchased, thus discovering new, wider USB three.0 connector on the drive aspect was a surprise to me. Please note that that the larger plug on the cable (the one you insert into the computer) is additionally USB three.0, however fortunately it fits into any USB socket.