Software keeps Freezing

I am doing backups with my passport and the software keeps freezing up and signing out of the drive and locking it.  I have to hit control Alt Delete and shut down the program and restart it to again have it run.  What is the deal here with this thing?

Try to reinstall the application, please see the link below:

I have already uninstalled it restarted the computer and reinstalled it even before you said to do this.  But it still does the same thing.  I have turned off the computer and turned it back on.  Still with the same results.  I am not trying to back up System stuff I need to back up Drives.  I have video of my kids when they were young and pictures from when they were young and the present.  I don’t want to lose that info.

I have one partition on my system that is dedicated to just them and our family.  This is so important to me that I have it on DVD and on several partitions on different HDD and also I want it backed up on this external HDD.  I see it transfer my info and after about 10 minutes it freezes.  It logs me off of the HDD and the program is dead in the water.

I have to CTRL,ALT,DEL it and turn off the program and turn it back on and hope that it comes back on for another (if lucky) 10 minutes of backing up.  I have seen where it froze up faster than 10 minutes.  But 10 minutes seems to be the top time before it crashes.  Also I have no idea how it is putting on files onto this HDD.  You can’t read the drive from Windows 7 x64 or see any file structure.  It seems to catagorize everything into Picture, Media, Sysytem, Other, Ect.  When and if I would ever need it I wonder if it is all there or not.

From your program and after I have entered a password I should be able to see the info stored on this drive.  I mean I don’t like to leave it up to the stars and hope that it’s there.  Been there done that and I don’t like not knowing if it is or not there intact and ready to go if ever needed.  Your program should have a Explorer type thing to it so I can rest assured the info is there and how I like it.

Always keep at least two copies of your important files. Portable drives are handy for data transport. But they are not safe and secure in terms of  only data backup. Most portable drives are subject to accidental drops and once fell down, they become unusable. If you want a mirror image of folders and files, use Microsoft SyncToy for instance. It is free and easy to use. If you’re happy with SyncToy, you can uninstall Smartware.

MS SyncToy

I will give Sync Toy a try and see what happens.  I have 2 external HDD with the same files on them plus I have DVD burned and also duplicates of the same files on different HDD internal.  I have learned long ago that you don’t take chances with programs or files you do not want to lose.  There is no way I could ever get back pictures of my kids 10 years ago.  That would kill me and I have seen HDD fail without warning.  That can not happen.  I also have a flash drive as well LOL!  I probably have 6 different saved routes to go and even gave my Inlaws my DVD back ups in case (god forbid) a fire or other disaster would happen.  Like I said I can never get those moments back and I can’t lose them.

I forgot to add that I would like to ask for a option or program that has this for an option.  It would be very nice to have a program let you back up a drive and when you plug the drive back into the computer the computer takes a look at what is on the External drive and compares what is on that backed up drive and add anything that was added.

As I said I have nice camera’s and I take video and stills of my family.  Mainly my kids.  And I often add new pictures to the drive and it would be nice to to have to remember what was added and what was not.  If the program can compare the back up with the copy and just add whatever was added.  That would be a great program and a helpful one.


And here we go again with Sync toy…

_ ‘‘Don’t sync your files, back them up’’. _


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