Software and Reset Question

I have had a MBL since 2014 and use it mainly for music storage/Sonos.

I never really used any interface or web based address to access in the past. Maybe a few years ago, but now only through the Network path on my laptop.

I am running Mac OS Big Sur but it cannot find any software or even the web based access for admin changes.

My questions are

  1. Is there such web or software access still available as a download? I’ve tried and tried to find this.

  2. If not, then can I FULL factory reset to clear all files by physically pressing something on the unit? I need a clean install and not the partial reset as described in the manual as I have a stubborn Time Machine back up that won’t delete. I wish to back them up to another device first then use the WD for other attached storage


A web browser use the IP in the address bar, did you try that?

http://ip or http://mybooklive might take a few seconds to access so be patient.

This worked a treat, thanks. The issue was that I was not waiting long enough for the page to load as it did take a long time. Once again, thanks