So the desktop app is gone

Nice job WD! one of the best thing about using WD nas over others was the desktop app… way to level the playing field. even better… not only stopping the support for it, but also locking it up so if you already have it installed you can not use it. if the company need to save some money nix the person who made this decision and hire a comatose monkey… i bet it can come up with a better solution then this.

just take a bow WD! bra-fking-wo!

Which App are you talking about?

As far as i believe there is one app in Microsoft application store called WD App. Check the link given below for the same.

Moreover, You can go through another link to find the way to access your drive shares locally by mapping it on your computer.

This app… it works fine on some pc’s and others its asking for a password… not user name and password, just password, i have tired uninstalling and reinstalling it but no luck. btw i called support and they said you are not supporting the app mentioned above.

I use the nas as ftp and this app makes it super easy to upload and share files.

A big Shame to the wd guys. Should have chosen a professional NAS like qnsp or synology. This is ■■■■: abandoned the desktop app!
A webversion is goong backwards. You cannot sort, preview, it’s slow etc.
Why not just support your clients?